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The Block 2014 reveals The Perfect Bathroom

Tonight The Block 2014 room reveal is the main bathroom and there are multiple 10/10 scores  but how can the twins get it so wrong?

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4 Responses to The Block 2014 reveals The Perfect Bathroom

  1. Ginette Thomas says:

    I’m thinking, if its good enough for The Block and Scotty to say once in as a builder then no more, then it should be so for the judges! I’m soo tired of the three of them, there are so many fantastic designers and stylists out there, what is going on with these three? Unlike the Block contestants these people are formally trained and should be more considerate and professional than what they are!

  2. Ruth Holzer says:

    It is time that the Judges are replaced. They are so opinionated and unfair. There is no way
    that Alisa and Lysandra deserve neither a 5 nor a 6 ½ for their bathroom. The twins should never come a second time to the show, it will definitely ruin their business.
    In my opinion I have to say, that the twins lack enthusiasm. I have the feeling that they are not interested anymore, after not winning the first few prices. They got cocky, laugh about other contestants, and are interested in other things than the block.
    I also have to mention that my remarks may have something to do with the editing of the block. The Twins are definitely not shown in the best light.
    I hope they can deliver a beautiful kitchen, win some money and may not take to many risks. It is also a question of money, which they may not have.

  3. Rosemary says:

    Loved Kyal and Kara bathroom. Love the pendant lights used over vanity.
    Would it be possible to get the name of pendant lights used.

  4. margaret says:

    Shayna said today on morning show that the twins batshow that the twins bathroom was bad design as if you stand in front of vanity & then want step back to see in mirror -end up in bath – well what is difference in special K ‘s bathroom same only end up in smartarse bath !!!

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