Pol & Waz

Polly & Waz’s apartment in Sydney for sale

Previous winners of  “The Block”, Polly & Waz  are selling their renovated 2 bedroom apartment in Church Street Chatswood NSW.

Pol & Waz The Block 2011

The Block’s Polly for Polly & Waz keeps her get fit resolution

Perhaps Polly is in training for a surprise ‘Big Brother’ intrusion into the Bondi block or maybe we’ll see her back in South Melbourne?

Polly Porter, winner of TV renovation show The Block in 2011, has been at Titan for about five months, and started training with Mr Chaparro in the first week of the year.

“I’ve always been quite active, but never really followed a gym routine before. I thought I should try it,” she said,

”It’s a way to get out of the heat, and still train at the same time,” she said.

Ms Porter said the best way to meet your fitness goals is to have a personal trainer.

“Having a trainer is great, they are the ones you are accountable to and they have got the tools to really motivate you,” she said.

“I don’t really have a very strong mind when it comes to exercise so it really helps me.”



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