The Block 2014

The Vincent Hotel Block Challenge

The Vincent Hotel is the location for this weeks challenge. It’s a team challenge with The Fans versus the Favourites again.

Spoiler: Don’t look at this post until after the show if you don’t want to see the results of the transformation.

UPDATE: The Fans won this challenge!

Each team must  transform a 100 year old room inspired from their chosen artwork. The winner will be  the most cohesive bond between artwork and room. The winners get to keep the artwork for their apartments. It all has to be done in 14 hours.

One reply on “The Vincent Hotel Block Challenge”

Just wanting to know if STEVE does any work on THE BLOCK??????? or just his girlfriend does all the painting. Never seen such a lazy person on the Block since it’s been on TV. He bring the show down that is Steve
Sorry guys and it’s my favorite renovating show.

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