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The Block Viewers Competition – $25,000 for voting on a room reveal

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21 replies on “The Block Viewers Competition – $25,000 for voting on a room reveal”

Our “new” home was built in the 40s and has scarcely been touched since – there is a lot that needs to be done…..We love our home though and are excited to be renovating.

I live in a terrace house in the CBD that was built in the 1900’s. It was last renovated in the 60’s when my grandfather bought it & we’ve recently found a broken pipe underneath the toilet that has caused leakage however, we do not have the funds to renovate.

Deposit for a Reno and haven’t got the money to start one would be a awesome opportunity of a life time and a dream come true…

We like to renovate our house which is 40 years old to an open plan, the block is an awesome show keeping us update with all the new products and designs in Australian market.

We need the money so we can get our home ready for sale to get the best possible price to make a move to Queensland to retire.

I’d be making a glass room with my back porch and updating my bathroom so it’s not freezing in there when you have a shower, my kitchen needs paint and a new oven also O.O Thanks, I love Shannon & Simon

I’d be using the money to build a pergola and outdoor living area with pool as my wife has worked really hard on the garden and would love a pool which would be fantastic for our health as we age.

I would love to spend it on my kitchen renovations, with some beautiful marble benchtops and splashbacks and some wonderful new appliance incl a built in coffee machine – love my coffee 🙂

We were to sign contracts to build our first home ever this week. How ever the night before we were told the site costs were $25,000 more than the original price, this pushed us out of our budget. Meaning we have to stop the build, or go without things such as heating cooling or flooring!! We have been saving for ten years and are very disappointed. Despite these setbacks we are positive we will one day build a house on our land. $25,000 would be a blessing for our family.

Been renovating for 20 months now…budget is very tight. Would love to have something for those extra special touches and even some landscaping!!

Where do l start?? The whole house! But with $25,000 l would first renovate the kitchen, laundry and would love to put a big Bi-fold door out to the deck. Our house might be an older brick house, but we, and especially the kids love it. It just needs updating..

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