Amity & Phil Bondi The Block 2013 The Block All Stars

The Block All Stars finale Wed @ 7O’Block on Nine/WIN & Why Phil & Amity will WIN

The underdogs when they started in The Block All Stars, Phil & Amity have proven themselves to be real contenders to Win Wednesday’s finale (The Auction is actually on Tuesday). The couple were on the original series of The Block 10 years ago.

After walking through the four finished houses in person, there are a few key reasons why I think Phil and Amity’s heritage cottage will fetch the most at auction.

  • Firstly, there is the feature which sets their house apart from the other three – the mezzanine level above the kitchen.
  • The second level adds an open feeling to the back of the house and creates a great retreat area for studying, crafting, storage and could even be used to sleep extra guests. I’m surprised the other teams didn’t think of building up considering they oversaw the entire build of the back of their houses.
  • Phil and Amity also made the smart move of making their laundry area a second bathroom, which will come in handy for entertaining or when family and friends come to stay.
  • The other great thing Phil and Amity have done is keep their style, colours and appliances neutral, or Hamptons beach chic as the judges have called it. While some of their rooms might not pop like the other houses, the neutral palate allows potential buyers the opportunity to put their own style stamp on the house.

Source Seanna Cronin

Amity & Phil Bondi Dan & Dani Josh & Jenna Mark & Duncan The Block 2013 The Block All Stars

The Block All Stars 2013 Final room reveal – Lounge

Dan & Dani broke the drought and won the final The Block All Stars 2013 room reveal.

Phil & Amity – 23.5
Mark & Duncan – 20
Josh & Jenna – 21
Dan & Dani – 26

Amity & Phil Bondi Dan & Dani Josh & Jenna Mark & Duncan The Block 2013

The Block Results – Room by Room

The Block 2013 Bondi Results

Phil & Amity Mark & Duncan Josh & Jenna Dan & Dani
Bedroom 1 19 21.5 22.5 14
Bedroom 2 23 24 21.5 20
Bathroom 22 24 25 24
Lounge 26 18 18.5 25
Kitchen 28.5 23 29.5 25
Classic  23.5  20  21  26
TOTAL SCORE 142 130.5 146.5 134
Amity & Phil Bondi The Block 2013

The Block All Stars Amity & Phil value their home at $1.6 million but expect more with hype

As the only house on The Block with 2 bathrooms, a mezzanine area their house has the most room in The Block Bondi and is the potentially the most valuable.

BONUS: Buyer will get Phil and Amity for 12 months for Marketing

“The successful purchaser has the commitment of Phil and Amity to use them as figureheads or marketing collateral for the next 12 months for marketing campaigns, so if a company were to buy the house they could use Phil and Amity in any of their various promotions.”


Amity & Phil Bondi Dan & Dani Josh & Jenna Mark & Duncan The Block 2013 The Block All Stars

The Block All Stars 2013 room reveal 4 – Formal Lounge

Phil & Amity won the second The Block All Stars 2013 room reveal with their amazing kids bedroom. Winning $10,000 from ING

Phil & Amity –  26
Mark & Duncan –  18
Josh & Jenna – 18.5
Dan & Dani –  25

Amity & Phil Bondi Dan & Dani Josh & Jenna Mark & Duncan The Block 2013 The Block All Stars

Who leaves the block 2013?

UPDATE – It’s Mark who is leaving The Block and Dale is stepping in

There’s been a lot of speculation that someone is leaving The Block soon and we’re about to find out next week.

What would cause someone to leave in an ambulance? An accident, breakdown from stress, exhaustion from too many days without sleep?

Who do you think leaves the block 2013? Amity,  Phil, Dan,  Dani, Josh,  Jenna, Mark or Duncan?

Will they be gone for good?

What are the rules about what happens next?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.


Amity & Phil Bondi The Block 2013

Steve Molk visits The Block set/site on day 47 of the shoot

Executive Producer Julian Cress, co-parent of the concept with long time friend and collaborator David Barbour, offers that “last week broke the lot of them – they don’t have time to recover this week because their kitchens arrive to be installed in three days, so it’s all hands on deck”.

Cress knows pressure. He’s been in television almost his entire career, either as a producer for shows like 60 Minutes or as a show runner/EP for his own product, and The Block is without doubt his and David’s baby. They created it, pitched it and own it, and together they run an extremely tight ship. In 2013 they will deliver two versions of their long-form “stripped” series for Channel 9. At least this series they have the luxury of a ‘formal’ production office in the rented house next door to the sites – but that’s just where the live action is, in Cress’s sphere of influence.

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Amity & Phil Bondi The Block 2013

Veronica Cheesequake: The Block All Stars Week 2

Duncan enjoys the Bondi views
Duncan enjoys the Bondi views

Philamity’s kids arrive and check out their holiday shack and pressies. The favourite has scored the minibike his ‘rents won last week. The girl looks around for a pony. Later, their parents take them to watch lawn bowls. Duncan wins an ‘impromptu’ comp and donates the prize to charity, as he already has 5 Club Champion trophies at home. He also wins a second combo for their safe. [Was the first in the armoire? See how much attention I pay to Challenges …]

See this full post in all it’s amazing glory and view the amazing 3d graphics on

Amity & Phil Josh & Jenna Mark & Duncan

Meet The Block All Stars contestants

Mitre 10 has launched the Mighty Aussie Road trip where you can meet The Block All Stars and see them in action.

The full schedule is over 10 stores over four weeks.

Here’s what’s happening Feb 23 &24

Meet Mark and Duncan
Mitre 10 stores in Bendigo, Inglewood, Ararat and Stawell
Starts: 02/23/2013
Josh and Jenna
Mitre 10 stores in Geelong South, Torquay, Chelsea Heights and Monbulk stores
Starts: 02/23/2013
Phil and Amity
Mitre 10 stores in Diamond Creek and Bayswate
Starts: 02/23/2013

Check out the full schedule


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