The Block 2014

The Block 2014 Bathroom Reveals

It’s the half way mark for The Block 2014 Fans Vs Favourites with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms done.

This weeks winner were the Super K’s, Kara & Kyal with a perfect score.



Kara & Kyal

Alisa and Lysandra

Chantelle & Steve

Brad & Dale

4 replies on “The Block 2014 Bathroom Reveals”

I think the judges were to harsh on Alyssa and Lysandra, they should have come second. Chantelle and Steve’s bathroom is dated, reminds me of a 70’s style bathroom. Brad and Dales bathroom is nice but I do not think it deserved to come second.

I feel for the twins! They were so good in 2013, the bathroom Queens! What is going on? I do think the judges were too harsh. Why don’t the judges do a room in one week and feel what the contestants are going thru! Shame on you judges, you should be spanked.

Hasn’t anyone (especially the judges) noticed how close “the super K’s”bath is to their vanity .I’d hate to be trying to bend down & get something out ……very squeezy

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