Brad & Dale Chantelle & Steve Kara & Kyal The Block 2014

2014 The Block Who Chose what apartment?

It’s a decision not taken lightly as the apartment chosen could have a big impact come The Block auction day.

Each apartment has it’s own benefits and drawbacks so the decision is hard. Front/Back, City View or Not, Windows…

It came down to a coin toss.

Kara & Kyal

Is Kara related to Ali from the Bachelor?

Is it possible that Kara is related to Ali from the Bachelor?

We’ve had feedback  “look alike & same mannerisms pulling her hair back behind her ears etc”

What do you think? Comment below

Jesse & Kenny Kara & Kyal The Block 2014

The Block Fans Vs Faves Episode 1 NSW Vs QLD

The Block started again tonight with a 24 hour elimination between the QLD and NSW Block Fans. The winner get the golden ticket to stay on the block.

The judges brief is Downtown Manhattan Loft and the contestants only have the frame to work with. NSW chose to do a bedroom, the QLD team are doing a Living room.

Who gets through?

Kara & Kyal Video

Kara & Kyal – Contestants in The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves

Meet Kara & Kyal The Block 2014 contestants in Fans v Faves

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