The Block 2014

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34 replies on “Win $25,000 off your home loan with NAB by voting.”

Keep up good wood work super K’s.

Real show for real people,

Thank you Block producers for bringing it to TV.


It’s great that the Super K’s are winning so much but I am so sad for Chantelle and Steve. They have had soooo much bad luck!!! Fingers crossed that EVERYONE on the block gets a fair share of the prizes and money so they can finish their rooms as they would like.

I think Kyal and Kara will win the block for 2014

I think Steve and Chantelle should win because I love their kitchen and dinning room

I’m sorry to say that I would be The Blocks biggest biggest fan I’ve seen every show every year, but this year I really cannot watch it. I do try and watch it but it seems to me that there is only one team playing. The other teams that are on are just there to get shot down. I’m one of the twins biggest fans but are they just trying to lose or just plain stupid or is this all for show. Are they being paid to lose. There rooms last year were awesome. But this year they cannot pick there undies out of there bloody ass. I felt really bad for them,with the judges comments are pretty hash, but when they went out drinking the night before reveal I’m sorry that is unexceptable. It’s renovating show…..

O I could do a better job at designing and I have!!!!!!!

Yes I agree. The girls bathroom was not as stylish as the two K’s but it certainly was not the worst and definitely not a 5-6

I have watched my last episode. I can’t handle the editing and obvious scripting. Too bad, I was an avid fan.

I have loved watching this show, until now. I am really over seeing Kyle and Kara win everything. It’s frustrating and boring to watch.

I think the wallpapers of all the other teams except the K’s were great and i would never buy that prickly looking wallpaper. It seems very unfair to me somehow like it is rigged. I have always been a fan but this series is too one sided for me.

I agree, I can’t recall Shayna ever having an original comment and her catch phrase upon entering a room is always a judgmental “what do you think?” And we don’t hear her thoughts until the fellas have commented, then she just agrees with what they’ve said.

Why did the super Ks have to give money away especially to the ungrateful wining twins they need to be sent home or just shut up and don’t be so sarcastic. I realise there are problems at home well go home and look after your family don’t be such prudes

I agree. the 2 K’s worked hard to win their challenges & they should have been able to keep their money – the “wheel of misfortune” was not funny or good viewing. I congratulate Kyle & Kara for the way they handles these knockbacks – the other contestants would not have been so gracious.
Give them back their $9000 – won fair & square

I’m sick of those judges as well.. I don’t think they should know who they are critiqueing… thn it would be a lot fairer, they obviously have their favourites…

I agree with retroreck, the judges should not know who has completed the area they’re critiquing. I went to see The Block last sunday and The Twins should win.

The twins will win with biggest profit margin with worst views so market value will be less than the Kyle & karra and the boys will be last with Chantelle 3rd and I agree get rid of those judges we need fresh styling not the boring repetitive judging with those 3 stooges

‘Gee I really Love Chantelle’s quirky antic’s, Steve & her are so Daggy, but Hilariously funny!, I wish they Won More Often….My Kid’s & I alway’s Cry With Her…..’You Go Girl!!!!!’, We Think Your BLUE ROOM challenge was AWESOME!!!!!Any Young-en would feel Loved in That Room, You & Steve made over…. =+))


I think the Boys have done it again, I really like their work, well done Guys…..and everyone else too, I love the fact you think outside the circle..there are so many products around for house improvement you guys have done a great job throughout…

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