The Block 2014

1st Room Reveal for The Block Fans Vs Faves

One team ends up very disappointed but the first The Block Fans v Faves are done and we’re ready to see if the Fans dominate the start of the actual competition.

The judging is blind as Scotty didn’t tell the judges who’s rooms were which, although most rooms had touches of the Twins.

The winners of The Block Fans vs Favourites first room reveal are…

Alisa and Lysandra were the winners of The Block this week.

Three areas are scheduled for next week Bathrooms, Laundry & Terrace.



5 replies on “1st Room Reveal for The Block Fans Vs Faves”

Once again, true to form, the judges have shown they lack any perception of reality. Being who they are and what they do clouds their ability to see a room for what it really is. Steve and Chantelle’s room is the best, it symbolises NY loft style living, the foldaway bed is a real winner, the room is a study and then becomes a bedroom when visitors arrive. I love the block for the stress it puts people under and the construction aspects, but I can see I will dissagree with the judges, and the attitude of the ex-cops will really grate. Apart from that a real winner. (ps get rid of the twins or anyone like them and employ some down to earth judges, people who live in the real world …..)

I love Kyal and Kara’s room – I don’t think its “try hard” at all as one of the judges suggested. Although the twin’s room was pretty cool, it lacked storage and had a poxy little desk at the top of some useless stairs. Complete crap!

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