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Kara & Kyal – Contestants in The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves

Meet Kara & Kyal The Block 2014 contestants in Fans v Faves

So do you think Kara & Kyal are up to the challenge? Love or hate them already? Comment below.

16 replies on “Kara & Kyal – Contestants in The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves”

OMG! I knew she looked like someone…exact lookalike & same manerisms pulling her hair back behind her ears etc.

Kara is enough to make me stop watching the Block Whitchurch I have enjoyed all seasons Her arrogance goeS far and beyond and no one evEr taught her to listen to anyone else’s point of view?who made her the Garu.her husband is such a nice man god help him married to a steel hand in a velvet glove. Can’t stand to watch her anymore!!!

In the past I have always enjoyed watching the Block but as off tonight No more.The arrogance shown by Kara and her rude comments about her teammates leave me cold?Who made her the Garu of renovations oops probably the judges who are certainly showing favouratism this season. Agreat show gone mad.

Are Kara and Kyle building a timber shed inside a luxury apartment thought timber walls went out years ago move on Mr Chippy

Hi Kara and Kyle..
I remember when you visited my store and you told me you applied…that you would get on the show…
Have enjoyed seeing you both grow..Wishing you all the best
Don’t forget to visit when in Newcastle again….

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