Jesse & Kenny Kara & Kyal The Block 2014

The Block Fans Vs Faves Episode 1 NSW Vs QLD

The Block started again tonight with a 24 hour elimination between the QLD and NSW Block Fans. The winner get the golden ticket to stay on the block.

The judges brief is Downtown Manhattan Loft and the contestants only have the frame to work with. NSW chose to do a bedroom, the QLD team are doing a Living room.

Who gets through?

UPDATE: Team NSW Kara & Kyle have won their spot on The Block 2014 Fans Vs Faves

Scotty mentions an epic fail. Is it going shopping before setting the Gyprock?

Have the NSW team committed the cardinal sin of shopping together

Will the street art feature win the challenge? Will it matter if they never start the room?

Comment below.

The_Block__Fans_v_Faves__Includes_Sneak_Peek_-_Love_Child_at_7_41_PM__-_The_Block__Fans_v_Faves 2


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