The Block 2014

3rd Room Reveal for The Block Fans Vs Favourites – Upstairs Room Reveals

The winners of The Block Fans vs Favourites Upstairs room reveal are…

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Kara & Kyle were the winners of The Block this week by a single point giving the Fans their first win.

Next week is Upstairs Bathrooms as well as the Pool area.



Kara & Kyal

Alisa and Lysandra

Chantelle & Steve

Brad & Dale

2 replies on “3rd Room Reveal for The Block Fans Vs Favourites – Upstairs Room Reveals”

I think it’s about time the “judges” looked at the viewer’s votes. It’d also be nice if they would be consistent in their comments. Always gets me how they can walk into a room be positive and then start picking little things – particularly Ms selling houses who only seems to come up with a negative after the others have said something.
I also think they’re judging on preconceived expectations of the favourites rather than judging all teams on the same basis.
Maybe it’s time to change the judges, or at least bring the viewer vote into the mix.

Chantelle is just a spoilt brat. The Super K’s did an amazing job and Chantelle’s wall was tacky and you could still see the glue on the shiny surfaces. Truely terrible!

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