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The Block Sky High 2013 Room Reveal 6 – Living & Dining

The teams reveal Living and Dining Rooms this week.
Neale Whitaker declares one of the rooms to be perfect.

But as the teams anxiously wait to find out who the winners are, Scotty announces a very unexpected twist.

For the 1st time in The Block, contestants judged each others rooms!!!

Deals are made… and broken with the final scores are revealed they’ll produce a surprising winner

The winners for the week were Matt & Kym  by a one and a half points from  Trixie & Johnno.


  • Trixie & Johnno – 62.5
  • Madi & Jarrod – 52.5
  • Bec & George – 54
  • Matt & Kym – 64  WINNERS
  • Alisa & Lysandra – 56.5


Trixie & Johnno

Madi & Jarrod

Bec & George

Matt & Kym

Alisa & Lysandra

One reply on “The Block Sky High 2013 Room Reveal 6 – Living & Dining”

Trixie & Johnno should have come last in Lounge/Dining Competition as they didn’t have a dining room

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