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The Block Sky High 2013 Auction Agents announced

Trixie & Johnno

David Wood alongside Kendall Bares from Hocking Stuart Albert Park have been announced as the first Auction agents .

hockingstuart once again finds itself at the Top… of The Block. We’re excited to be the official agents of apartment number 5 of The Block Sky High – the Penthouse.

They have also announced this great competition.

WIN an exclusive inspection with Trixie and Johnno followed by a night’s accommodation for two in the exclusive Regent Suite at the luxurious Westin, Melbourne on Saturday 13th July 2013. Includes breakfast at Allegro restaurant. [ENTER HERE]

Matt & Kym


Matt & Kym are close to securing the services of the auctioneer with the record of winning  2 out of the 3 The Block Auctions including Phil & Amity’s. He certainly gets great auction results. “We potentially have that guy”


Alisa & Lysandra 

Alisa & Lysandra  have chosen  Dingle Partners to represent Level 1/142 Park Street South Melbourne [CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LISTING]

1:142 Park Street South Melbourne


The rest of the contestants haven’t announced as yet but we’ll keep you informed.

Who would you choose to auction your house? Comment below!

Madi & Jarrod 
Bec & George


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