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The Block Auction Results 2014 Glasshouse – The full rundown

See who won The Block Glasshouse 2014, including the reserve prices, the order of sale, how much the apartments went for.

Shannon and Simon  were The Block winners with the final price of their apartment at $1,900,000 being  $335,000 above their reserve. Congratulations Shannon and Simon 


6:53 The Block Is Open for Inspection and the 1st in the queue are the same 2 as the last Auction

7:29 The Reserver Prices  are being unpacked by Scotty

7:35 The reserver prices are set and the Auction order to come

7:38 The judges highest scores allowed the teams to choose the auction order Michael and Carlene chose 1st and picked last auction. Jenna and Chris  didn’t get a choice and go 1st.

7:47 The Auctions start. The 1st bid is $1.400,000

8:02 Jenna and Chris  sell for $310,000 profit

8:03 The boys auction starts $1.350,000 and sell for $1,900,000. They’re currently in hte lead

8:11  Karstan and Maxine  Bids started at  $1,550,00 and ended at only $40,00 over the reserve

8:19 $1,300,00 was the starting bid for Darren and Deanne and they sold for just $10,000 over reserve.

8:27 Michael and Carlene are up for the final auction. Currently the boys are in the lead Bids started at $1,200,000

8:40 Shannon and Simon WIN the $100,000 and $335,000 profit.

If you just can’t wait check out the video for the Fans Vs Faves Auction.

The Block Glasshouse 2014 Auction Results

Auction order: Jenna and Chris , Shannon and Simon , Karstan and Maxine , Darren and Deanne , Michael and Carlene 

  • Michael and Carlene  5th
    • Reserve: $ 1,380,000       Sold for $ 1,390,000    Profit $10,000
  • Jenna and Chris – 1st
    • Reserve: $  1,500,000      Sold for $ 1,810,000    Profit $310,000
  • Karstan and Maxine 3rd
    • Reserve: $  1,670,000      Sold for $ 1,710,000    Profit $40,000
  • Shannon and Simon 2nd
    • Reserve: $  1,565,000      Sold for $1,900,000      Profit $335,000
  • Darren and Deanne  4th
    • Reserve: $  1,370,000      Sold for $  1,380,000   Profit $ 10,000

The Block Auction’s were onsite and registered bidders by invitation only. As soon as know who won The Block  we’ll publish The Block Results 2014 Glasshouse.

If the winners of the block were based on views on real the winners would be Chris & Jenna with 58% more views than Max & Karstan. The Block winners have been predicted accurately before by prior interest on The Block Sky High and The Block AllStars.

  • Chris and Jenna Susetio
  • Karstan Smith and Maxine Stokes
  • Darren and Deanne Jolly
  • Simon and Shannon Voss
  • Michael and Carlene Duffy
The Block Auction
The Block Glasshouse Auction
Starts: 10/12/2014 06:30 pm
Ends: 10/12/2014
Duration: 2 hours:
121-127 High Street
Prahran, VIC




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