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Who leaves the block 2013?

UPDATE – It’s Mark who is leaving The Block and Dale is stepping in

There’s been a lot of speculation that someone is leaving The Block soon and we’re about to find out next week.

What would cause someone to leave in an ambulance? An accident, breakdown from stress, exhaustion from too many days without sleep?

Who do you think leaves the block 2013? Amity,  Phil, Dan,  Dani, Josh,  Jenna, Mark or Duncan?

Will they be gone for good?

What are the rules about what happens next?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.


4 replies on “Who leaves the block 2013?”

TV guide has synopsis for Tuesday including spoilers

“Mark’s health scare takes its toll on all the contestants and Duncan gets a helping hand.”

Mark better be alrightu should not left it like that i’m a foforty plus bloke and it made me cry leys us know he’s alright

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