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The Block Gatwick Episode Three – ST KILDA BLOCK WATCH

If you’re interested in a local’s eye on The Block Gatwick renovation. Here’s your blog.

Using Iggy’s Lust For Life as the opening scene music, with a narration around the theme from Trainspotting Choose blah blah blah, I sincerely hope there’s no baby crawling along the ceiling in some horrifying fevered ‘dream’ sequence a la the Ewan McGregor movie from 1996.

Oh that’s right, they’re all, effectively, living together for the time being so have to have that awkward morning breath chat in the hallway first thing. And there’s always at least one contestant who’s a bit of a sleepy head. This season it’s Jess. Now. There is not enough money in the world to entice me to be on a show that films me in my bed when I’ve just woken up…

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