The Block 2015 The Block Triple Threat

Episode 1 The Block Tripe Threat – Couples introduced – The Block Begins

3 rooms including a bathroom in one week is what the contestants will be judged on. In the end 3 of the 6 teams will be eliminated. After that the real The Block Triple threat begins

First up 24 hours and $10,000 to produce the first bedroom. All 6 teams will be judged and one eliminated. 5 teams come back to do the living/dining $10,00 48 hours (another team eliminated), then 72 hours for the bathrooms, from scratch.


Favourite Tweets


The Block address of the elimination property 85 Caroline Street, South Yarra

The Block contestants

  • Josh and Charlotte (Couple NSW)
  • Aimee and Brooke (Friends VIC) The’ve already secured a tradie in under 2 hours
  • Tim and Anastasia (Couple SA)
  • Mark and JJ (Couple NSW)
  • Luke and Ebony (Brother/Sister WA)
  • Ayden and Jess (Couple QLD)

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