The Block 2015 The Block Triple Threat

The Block Auction 2015 Live

The Block Auction results brought to you live as they happen. Be the first to find out who won The Block 2015 Triple Threat.

The Auctions have already happened but The Block is under lockdown until the results are revealed Wednesday night.

The last 3 seasons have seen some contestants win hundreds of thousands of dollars but Dea and Daz only won $10,000.

The apartments are expected to sell for over $1.3 million

Who’s excited? Will Dea and Darren see success this time? What will be the biggest winnings? Comment Below

Don’t forget to tune in to see The Block Auction live.

  • The Block Reserve Prices have been set and we’re waiting to see if the couples can decide on the Auction order
  • Random draw out of the hat – Auction order is decided
  • Tim and Anastasia’s Auction started
    • Profit: $755,000
  • Ayden and Jess Auction is over
    • Profit: $665,000
  • Dea and Daz are up next. Lookis like they’re going to go away with more than $10,000 this time.
    • Profit: $835,000 and they’re in the lead


  • Dea and Daz WON THE BLOCK 2015

  • Josh and Charlotte
    • Auction Order: 4
    • Reserve: $1,390,000
    • Final Price: $2,200,000
    • Profit: $810,000
  • Tim and Anastasia
    • Auction Order: 1
    • Reserve: $1,420,000
    • Final Price: $2,175,000
    • Profit: $755,000
  • Ayden and Jess
    • Auction Order: 2
    • Reserve: $1,335,000
    • Final Price: $2,000,000
    • Profit: $665,000
  • Dea and Daz
    • Auction Order: 3
    • Reserve: $1,455,000
    • Final Price: $2,290,000
    • Profit: $835,000
The Block Auction
Tonight The Block contestants face the final challenge, the auction. After weeks of hard work their apartments are open for inspection, the reserve prices revealed and the apartments go under the hammer.
Starts: 04/29/2015 07:30 pm
Ends: 04/29/2015
Duration: 1 hours: and 15 minutes
27 Darling Street
South Yarra, VIC

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