The Block 2015 The Block Triple Threat

The Block 2015 Master Bedroom & Dressing Room Reveals

Four very different master bedrooms and dressing rooms are revealed on The Block 2015. One team scores a perfect thirty out of thirty but Scotty has a shocking surprise that changes the game. Dea and Darren’s wine audit comes to a head when Scotty plays judge and jury.

Who do you think had the best  Living and Dining designs? Comment below.


  • Josh and Charlotte 30 – Disqualified (Didn’t use the Jimmy Possum Bed)
  • Tim and Anastasia 24.5
  • Ayden and Jess 24.5
  • Dee and Daz 27


  • Josh and Charlotte
  • Tim and Anastasia
  • Ayden and Jess
  • Dee and Daz

One reply on “The Block 2015 Master Bedroom & Dressing Room Reveals”

‘Rules are rules’- Since when!!! others have broken rules and not been disqualified. That is ridiculous and Scotty you deserve to be sacked!! I remember when ‘Foreboy’ blatantly cheated in the ‘electricity challenge’ and won and not a word was said. Different rules for different folks. Big let down – very disappointed in The Block. If only interested in creating unfair drama – may need to watch something else.

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