The Block 2014

Who Quits The Block?

Tomorrow night one couple quits the block. The twins have ┬áthreatened to walk and Chantelle & Steve are already looking like they’re in over their heads.

What will happen next? Will there be another elimination to select some more Fans? All will be revealed.

Who do you think quits The Block? Comment below

3 replies on “Who Quits The Block?”

I think it maybe Chantelle and Steve, due to the fact. I think they hadn’t realised the reality of being on the show, what was expected of them. I must also admit I haven’t warmed to them as much as the other lovely surfing couple.
Time will tell, who goes who stays.
I do hope that one of the faves win, due to the fact that I really like both couples.

Hope it’s the twins, they are not very nice, don’t do challenges themselves! Can’t stand they way they keep on ‘we won’ this is a new series! Get over it!

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