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Copy cats? Daz & Dea Vs Tim & Anastasia

Are the two apartments the same or is Dea just causing trouble?

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5 replies on “Copy cats? Daz & Dea Vs Tim & Anastasia”

Tim and Anastasia should be called to the carpet on their second bedroom, they ‘borrowed’ their style directly from the double D’s, and that makes for boring TV. If they cant create their own style and keep copying then they need to go, they are cheats.

I think its funny when people hate on Dee, because being straight up, and directly honest is a trait that we have idealised in Australian men, so the sheer misogyny in people getting up in arms when they find this trait is a woman is disgusting. She is assertive and direct, and it would even be an issue if she was a man.

Dea is the reason that I no longer watch the show, just look at the photos on here now. So much less hi pitched whinging it’s wonderful.
I don’t see a problem, I think they are limited given the tiny space with what they can do so some are bound to be similar, get over it.

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