Chantelle & Steve

Chantelle & Steve – Contestants in The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves

Meet Chantelle & Steve The Block 2014 contestants in Fans v Faves

So do you think they’re in with a chance. Love or hate them already. Comment below.

3 replies on “Chantelle & Steve – Contestants in The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves”

Chantelle. You are amazing. Competant. Patient and loveable
Steve…….. Tell Chantelle shes amazing Competant. Patient and loveable!!;)

I was fortunate to have my photo taken tonight with Chantelle & steve as they were exiting a taxi , and I was getting in ,they are my favourites on the block !!!!! So this absolutely made my night , they were soooo nice when I asked them for a photo!! Good luck guys !!!!! And thank you for stopping for a photo ! !! … Ps great to see dale & Sophie too !!

steve is so darn lazy
he avoids work whenever he can
heis solazy and notparticularly bright
it would have been better if the pair who were against kyleand kara were on the block instead
so dissapointing as they have spoilt ourveiwing of the block

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