The Block 2014

The Block 2014 Wallpaper Challenge

It’s tools down for this weeks The Block Challenge. (So the Super K’s have no building advantage)  The Fans & Favourites  get to explore thier creative side by desiging and creating their own wallpaper with the help of Graphico.

Contestants then need to style their area to make the wallpaper sing.

The prize this week is $5,000 in Cash AND the winning design gets manufactured and sold online in The Block Shop


The Special K’s win again! Go Kyle & Kara!

3 replies on “The Block 2014 Wallpaper Challenge”

what’s the matter with these judges does Karly just have to flash her pearly whites and smile and they then forget all the other contestants her bathroom was the best but with 50k in the bank none of the others will get a look in

Totally disappointed tonight with you withholding the final score fed up with the way viewers are treated you have lost me good bye the block

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