The Block 2014

The Block 2014 Kitchen Reveals

The Block 2014 Fans Vs Favourites is hotting up with some amazing kitchen reveals. Only one point separating first and second place.

How to they compare to last year? Check out the Sky High Kitchens

The winners of the kitchen revel are Alisa and Lysandra



Kara & Kyal

Alisa and Lysandra

Chantelle & Steve

Brad & Dale

7 replies on “The Block 2014 Kitchen Reveals”

Well I am highly unimpressed. The boys kitchen was better all around clean, innovative, modern and workable. I truly cannot believe the way the judges make their decisions. I think sometimes they are too caught up in their own importance and opinions and perhaps they should do a challenge and be judged by the contestants and see how they fare,

I agree about the judges but the boys should have not put lights around the bottom of the benches that spoiled it.
The girls should have won it was the best. Kara has too much wood on the brain and Steve should just give up he is so lazy and dumb.

I agree, are the judges judging as to what they want as it seems that way. I loved the boys kitchen, so fresh.

The boys kitchen was beautiful but over killed with rope lighting. I understand they wanted the island bench to see seem floating with the bottom illumination,however, with the brick feature wall it needs to have a softer aesthetic. Take away the rope lighting from the other parts of the cabinetry, leave the island bench as is, add warmer looking pendant lights and add a huge vase of flowers and that should do the trick.

The boys did a great job but I feel the curved edge is not very practical. Overall the kithcen looks great and my 2nd pick behind the girls. Love the pantry.

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