The Block 2014

The Block 2014 Fans v Faves

What can it mean? What will The Block producers borrow from the Survivor format?

Hey BLOCKaholics we’re back in 2014 with #TheBlock Fans v Faves!

Throw your thoughts into the mix in the comments below.

9 replies on “The Block 2014 Fans v Faves”

What were the judges thinking the super K’s bathroom was like a sauna and that bath was terrible, I really don’t think any of the bathrooms deserved 10’s the boys bathroom for me was the best except no bath.

The Block is becoming boring ! Every challenge Super K wins – tonight was just a joke. First you have a series of challenges that they have a huge advantage with Kyal building things. Tonight theirs was no way the best – the boys was the best hands down. Starting to switch off between Super K and Steve and Chantelle whinging – boring boring boring….

Hi all I want know is when opeb for inspection & auction is???!!!!
Have to fly in from interstate – can someone pls advise

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