The Block 2013 The Block Sky High

Who gets the The Block Pentouse?

This first challenge decides who gets the top floor penthouse and the scores follow the couples down to the bottom.

Although the views may be better from the top The Block contestants have to take everything in and out using the stairs so the higher floors may be a disadvantage.

We thought we had it pegged with spoiler shots that show each floor has a door painted a particular colour that should match a couple but there’s a green in the middle and that throws off the theory

Trixie and Johnno – Penthouse – Red
Matt and Kim ? – Purple
Alisa and Lysandra ? – Orange
Bec and George – Floor 2 – Yellow
Madi and Jarrod – Floor 1 – Blue

Which Block couple do you think will win the rights to the penthouse?

Do you think it’ll make any differnece to the final prices?

One reply on “Who gets the The Block Pentouse?”

What are the producers thinking? . Is it OK to create situations that cause so much unmanageable stress that contestants end up in I hospital? Is this entertainment. No, I see it as negative and exploitative and it isn’t the way it has to be .Also your OH&S measures are appauling. I hope you are covering your contestants with Workcover because they are going to need it

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