Alisa and Lysandra The Block 2013 The Block Sky High

The Block Sky High: Meet the Adelaide twin police officers : Video

Adelaide twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser are ready for the challenges of The Block Sky High

“I also think, being police, we’re used to being in very intense situations – but filming a show like The Block does have its own unique challenges.”

The mothers, 29, are the 2nd SA Block team and follow the lead of Phil & Amity, winners of The Block All Stars earlier this year.

Perhaps they’ll be celebrating South Australian back to back wins in 2013.

8 replies on “The Block Sky High: Meet the Adelaide twin police officers : Video”

Wow girls good luck on the block this year! Give it your beat,me and my boy will be watching. Do s.a proud!

These two are the perfect sign of insecurity nasty bitchy power trippers. The two oldies are not intimidated by you so your vindictive immature nature comes out, I certainly would questioning any arrestes made by these two power trippers

Totally agree with you….i’m having trouble watching them. Don’t think they are giving the SA police force a good rap

Oh I don’t agree! I’m so pleased to think these lovely ladies are protecting our community. Talented as well as smart and so funny! You go girls I hope you win. Do S.A proud!

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