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Who Won The Block Sky High – Spoilers

200 buyers or perhaps just  spectators were spotted  in the park opposite The Block Sky High at 142 Park Street South Melbourne this Saturday. Scott Cam introduced all the couples to loud applause and some audience prizes were awarded. It was a cold and windy day on Melbourne and after the intro was filmed dozens of the crowd hastily headed inside The Block to commence their bidding.

So how much did the apartments sell sell for? What were the reserve prices for each apartment? Did all the apartments sell? Is this the first time that The Block auctions have been held on location? It’s a very Melbourne way to do auctions and could result in much better prices.

Which Couple Won The Block 2013?

We can’t say, yet. You’ll have to wait until Sunday night for The Block auction results.

BUT If you have any spoilers we’d love to hear them. Comment below if you hear any leaks.

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I heard that all units sold with only $4000 difference between 1st & 2nd but I can’t confirm the voracity…a family member attended the auction but claims they were all sworn to secrecy & she has told my sister that one apartment DIDN’T sell so who knows if it’s true!

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