The Block Competition $250k to be won! – The Block of cash is back

The Block Competition starts on the 1st of February on the Today Show.

Check back for more details.

What would you do if you won? Comment below

16 replies on “The Block Competition $250k to be won! – The Block of cash is back”

I would use the money to pay of most of my mortgage as I’m a first home buyer. Also be able to catch up with financial situations and spoil myself a little. Being a single young 20’s gal it’s hard to get buy on my own after the christmas sting!

I watch the block for ideas for styling and this year I and my son are starting from scratch after I was separated with a large STD (sexually transmuted debt) it has taken us 2 months just to buy a lounge to sit on. We also would be using the money to travel back to Adelaide for an operation that my son needs to have this year on his middle ear to repair his skin tissue. Till then the block will keep us occupied yay couldn’t wait to watch

We have our eye on a house and have signed a contract but it needs a total overall inside so I would use the cash to modernise the place inside, extend the roof over the outside area and maybe buy a spa for relaxing on weekend with the family

As a single mum of one, my daughter aged 10 yrs has always been extreamly interested and participates in singing, Dancing, and Drama in and out of school, as all parents know the coast can leave a big hole in your pocket. Wining even a small amount would enable me to help maintain and support her passion.

Kind regards

I would renovate my kitchen and bathroom. Purchased my apartment at age of 24 last year and would love to move in – at the moment it is rented as I can’t quite afford to live there yet. Ahhh moving in would be amazing!!

I would heavily discount the sale price on my house and hastily relocate. No more living on 4 lane road frontage, nor listening to the doosh doosh of one neighbours almost nightly party antics, no more Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham blaring into my house from another neighbour. Goodbye to the sounds of barking dogs, police sirens, motor boat engine testing and to the smell of petrol and lighter fluid inundating my home because it seems to be a popular way to get a BBQ pumping. I would move far far away and throw a black rock out the window on my way. I would say hello to sleep, peace, tranquility and sanity. lol

If I won $25,000 I would buy a nice brand new car and get my self a nice house to rent and buy some nice furniture

I would help out my Mumzy with fixing up all the dodgy parts of her place so she can sell and move onto bigger and better things.

I would landscape our gardens & get our 2 outdoor areas a roof so we could sit outside and enjoy our new home with family & friends.

We would use the cash to renovate our house. We bought an acre in the Adelaide Hills just over a year ago and have been working hard on the back yard (which is now amazing), but we would like to work on the house. We’ve done one room and we are slowly (very slowly) saving to complete the house. Getting married in Dec last year and having a small baby has made things even more difficult, and now that i’m back at work, I can’t really be here to help with the renovations (hence having to save to pay someone else to do it). We have pretty much done everything ourselves here and this cash would give us the freedom to keep doing it ourselves!

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