The Block 2017 Reveals

The Block 2016 Master Bathrooms Reveals

Tonight 5 Master Bathrooms are completed and revealed. For some teams it is a frantic race to the finish, but one couple enjoys a casual breakfast on the morning of reveal!

Who do you think had the best Master Bathroom  designs? Comment below.


  • Kim & Chris – Apartment 5 – 7/6.5/6=19.5
  • Julia & Sasha  – Apartment 4 – 9/8.5/9=26.5
  • Ben & Andy  – Apartment 3 – 7.5/7/7=21/5
  • Dan & Carleen – Apartment 2 – 5/5.5/6/5=17
  • Will & Karlie – Apartment 1 – 8.5/8.5/8=25

Who won The Block Master Bathroom? Julia & Sasha


  • Will & Karlie – Apartment 1
  • Dan & Carleen – Apartment 2
  • Kim & Chris  Apartment 5
  • Ben & Andy  – Apartment 3
  • Julia & Sasha  – Apartment 4
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One Response to The Block 2016 Master Bathrooms Reveals

  1. Teresa says:

    Not at all impressed that I missed the last reveals because the proramming was changed last minute. Very unprofessional. I have watched the entire season and missed that one episode.
    The Block is one of my favorite shows. I will watch the final just because I have seen most of the season (that is, if you don’t show it earlier than advertised). However I won’t choose to watch it next time, not worth it if I may miss an episode because you decide to play it whenever instead of as advertised. Don’t bother telling me I can watch it on catch up. I live in an area where I cant access the Internet and have limited internet access on my phone.
    Might not bother with channel 9 at all anymore.

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