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Who Won The Block? 2015 Bloctagon

It was a night of ups and downs at The Block Auction 2015. With two couples earning over $600,000 on the night and a long stressful moment when it looked like the last Auction was going to make only $50,000

The winners of The Block tonight ……. are…..

Dean & Shay

  • Reserve : $1.645 Million
  • Bid : $2,300,000
  • Profit: $655,000
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One Response to Who Won The Block? 2015 Bloctagon

  1. Aaron Treay says:

    BLOODY FANTASTIC VIEWING!!. my heart was racing just imagining what these couples must be feeling going into these auctions and having their whole life turned on its head!!.

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring when the next one opens up!, How can i be put on some kind of alert list for when applications open?…

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