The Block 2017 Reveals

The Block 2015 Terrace Reveals

It’s the end of the final week of renovating on The Block and the terraces are revealed. One team triumphs with a perfect thirty out of thirty but sadly one team doesn’t finish their terrace. Tensions are high between Dea and Anastasia.

Who do you think had the best Terrace designs? Comment below.

While we wait let’s have a look at themes amazing terraces on Pinterest

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Who won The Block Terraces? Dea  & Daz

  • Josh and Charlotte 28.5
  • Tim and Anastasia 23
  • Ayden and Jess 25
  • Dea and Daz 30 WINNERS


  • Josh and Charlotte
  • Tim and Anastasia
  • Ayden and Jess
  • Dee and Daz


Even though The Block Auction is this week and ends our renovating pleaseures. Reno Rumble will save us

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