The Block 2017 Reveals

Steve Molk visits The Block set/site on day 47 of the shoot

Executive Producer Julian Cress, co-parent of the concept with long time friend and collaborator David Barbour, offers that “last week broke the lot of them – they don’t have time to recover this week because their kitchens arrive to be installed in three days, so it’s all hands on deck”.

Cress knows pressure. He’s been in television almost his entire career, either as a producer for shows like 60 Minutes or as a show runner/EP for his own product, and The Block is without doubt his and David’s baby. They created it, pitched it and own it, and together they run an extremely tight ship. In 2013 they will deliver two versions of their long-form “stripped” series for Channel 9. At least this series they have the luxury of a ‘formal’ production office in the rented house next door to the sites – but that’s just where the live action is, in Cress’s sphere of influence.

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