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Do the Twins leave The Block Sky High ?

There’s a lot of speculation that contestants leave The Block tonight. Is it the twins or do Bec and George leave show?

Does anyone leave The Block Sky High in 2013?

If so it’ll be the first time a couple has left. The closest thing would be when Mark left The Block Bondi

What do you think? Comment below.


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13 Responses to Do the Twins leave The Block Sky High ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the girls being police officers should get there facts straight before confronting someone on something do stupid. Excusing someone of getting them the wrong rollers when they where just trying to help they need to go back to the academy.

  2. Leann says:

    How soon we forget. A couple left in the second (or third) series. Her Grandfather died and there was other circumstances which made them decide to leave. They were replaced by Jamie and Andrew the doc that has been on the project etc.

  3. Jan says:

    The girls need to get some morals and ethics, they have neither.

  4. Blockaholic says:

    Oh no! Please don’t leave Alisa and Lysandra? Your the only ones who keep things normal in that place. You go girls!

  5. margo says:

    People that I discuss this show with defi DO NOT LIKE THE TWINS. They are out to win at any cost and care not for the feelngs of others. Not very australian girls.

    No one wants them to win.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Jan was spot on, they are nasty and unethical women, and I would be glad to see them go. They are a disgrace to their profession, and I would not trust them to be honest in their dealings with the public.

  7. Sandi says:

    You are so wrong to say no one wants the twins to win, they are the only reason I started watching and why I am still watching, they are so down to earth and not fake in front of the camera, just aussie girls, saying what they think the rest lie to the other contestants and lie to the camera but get caught out, cause the camera is everywhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the twins are the most honest down to earth girls on the show and don’t tell me that every couple were there to win and i don’t think any other couple weren’t jealous of them sour grapes don’t do anyone any good Barbara

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think that the twins are very nasty people. Especially because one of them has a child, therefor and they are both police officers and they should have compassion for people and should know how people can struggle at times. I wonder how they would feel if it were in reverse they were the ones that were not doing so well at all on the block. Just remember that there is a thing called Karma! They come across on the television as really nasty people.

  9. Sara says:

    Go Alysa and Lysandra are awesome hard workers who definitely deserve to win this year! I think its a shame when people will have a dig on-line, forgetting that there are people on the other end of your comments! I see the girls working back when others go out for drinks or dinner together, putting in 100% into every room! Hope you both win again before the end of the season :)you go girls!

  10. sharon says:

    Do hope the twins do not reflect The victoria Police if so, sad & a real worry. May be they are planning work lives out side what they are now. It is time the girls got shaken up.

  11. Kath says:

    I love the twins! They are straight up in your face. They don’t backstab cos they sort out any differences straight away. Thinking ahead just proves they are ready to battle. Between themselves they scuffle and communicate to get over issues which reflects their style and charisma. I don’t see behind the scenes but the time they both lowered themselves before their tradies I take my hat off to them. They have always put their workers on a pedestal so they are willing to keep relationships at high values. Very strong girls both mentally and physically. However on the emotional side I would break if I was far from my family, but they have been consistence with their attitudes and I think they are great

  12. Ari says:

    I love the twins xxx

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