The Block 2017 Reveals

The Block Contestants 2016 Meet the Blockheads

Meet the teams renovating this amazing heritage-listed Port Melbourne former soap factory

  • Will & Karlie
    • Brisbane – 25 years old – High School sweethearts – She’s a Quantity Surveyor – Will is an Electrician
  • Dan & Carleen
    • WA Baby Boomers – Renovated 8 houses over the years
  • Kim & Chris
    • NSW – Newcastle Police Officer & Teacher – Modern described their style
  • Ben & Andy
    • 20 something Primary School teachers from Geelong – Zero experience
  • Julia & Sasha
    • Melbourne couple  – They have the home ground advantage
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One Response to The Block Contestants 2016 Meet the Blockheads

  1. Janice says:

    omg. just watching the block here in nz. Guest bedroom reveal. Dan and Carleen must be on some good stuff to think their bedroom was good. Looked like grandmas bedroom from the 60’s. Even though the shows finished, I hope we don’t have to put up with their whingeing over the judges comments all the time. It was an ugly bedroom and deserved the criticism.

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